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"Ikaro" Raboso Spumante

Technical Specifications:

When the uniqueness of the screw meets the excellence of the workmanship, time stops to savor.
Ikaro is the result of a land that the family cultivated for generations Corvezzo passionately and lovingly guards, and is now pleased be raised to new life.
from the earth to the sky, because the thrill of flight is the same wine.

Classification: "Ikaro" Raboso Sparkling Dry Delle Venezie IGT.
Grapes: 100% Raboso.
Formats: 0,75 l.
Package: From 6 bottles lay on the casket.
Service: Serve at a temperature of 8-10 ° C.


Venetian stew

A venerable tradition can produce only brilliant and intense flavours. If, once upon a time, chicken, tongue, cotechino sausage and beef shoulder cuts made up the peasant cooking of our ancestors, now these dishes are enjoying the fame they are due in the most refined restaurants. A touch of fresh horseradish and a glass of Ikaro wine will fully enhance the natural richness of these distinctive and flavoursome recipes.

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