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Prosecco Spumante

Technical Specifications:

Like a treasure chest filled with treasure, so every sip of Prosecco encompasses the passion, dedication and perseverance with which the Family Corvezzo makes wine for generations.
Love for tradition inevitably spills in the protection of the territory, since only harmony between man and nature can grow a fruit destined to remain valuable over time.

Classification: Extra Dry Prosecco Spumante DOC Treviso.
Grapes: 100% Glera.
Formats: 0,75 l and 1,5 l.
Package: From 6 bottles lay on the casket.
Service: Serve at a temperature of 6-8 ° C.


Raw fish Italian-style

Associated with Oriental cuisine but becoming ever more fashionable in the West, Italian-style raw fish now appears on menus everywhere, in restaurants both large and small. From tuna tartar and pannocchia di mare (a freshwater lobster-like crustacean) to scampi, mazzancolle (a crustacean resembling crayfish), sea bass, sea bream, amberjack and a great variety of molluscs, this way of preparing enhances the taste and typical flavours of Mediterranean fish. Add a drop of extra virgin oil and a few aromatic herbs typical of our coasts and the dish is ready to enjoy.

Organic Prosecco Cocktail

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