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“So, what distinguishes an organic wine from one that it isn’t?”.

This is the question which is frequently posed to me ever since I started, over ten years ago, the long process to convert my Prosecco vineyard  into a fully organic Prosecco vineyard; a goal that I gained in 2012. Was it a simple process? Of course not, but at the end of the road,  it has been a success and a matter of pride to me.

What is organic wine?

This is definitely an hard question: the universe which is revolving around (and that somehow is part of) this particular product is actually very various; his history is full of experimentation and bravery, but also cases of legislative contradictions, bureaucratic difficulties and clichés.

The purpose of this blog will be to tell you what is the organic wine world through the eyes of someone who is directly involved in the organic wine production.

At this point, I think the time has come for me to introduce my self: my name is Giovanni Corvezzo, but everybody calls me “The Happy Farmer”.

I was born and raised in a wine-related area not far from Venice and my family has been involved in the vine cultivation and wine production for four generations.

Since I was a young boy, following the footsteps of my father, I have been working in the Corvezzo's family vineyard and winery. When in 2005 was my turn to lead the company I was more concerned about the “How” rather than the “How much”.

In a company management, the “How much” is all about the managerial skill which are necessary to answer to a very simple question: how much profit do I need to ensure the survival of the company?

On the other hand, the “How” is an ethical consideration in order to answers questions like: in which ways am I pursuing my goals? Are my actions having an impact on the other people and on the environment around me? What kind of legacy will I leave behind me with my business?

I started my experience in the organic Prosecco production field thanks to the “How” and from the next blog posts I will try to tell you in the most simple way possible what is the organic wine form me.
And to do that I will begin from an analysis of the universe which is revolving around the organic wine today. Is not important what is your level regarding the organic wine; I believe that if you are reading this post is because you feel the urge to gets the bottom of it, or just gain more information about this product.

However, remember: first of all “The Happy Farmer’s blog” a sharing place; so please, if you have questions, doubts or opinion that you wish to share, do not hesitate!

Happy farmer

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