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Elevate Your Prosecco Experience: Discovering Corvezzo Winery's Unique 'Shake Me!' Organic Prosecco doc

At Corvezzo Winery, we understand the deep appreciation for Prosecco – those invigorating citrus notes, the refreshing acidity, and, of course, that effervescent charm. But what if we told you we could elevate your Prosecco experience to new heights? Allow us to introduce our innovative approach to Prosecco production.

Nestled in the picturesque region of Veneto, Italy, Corvezzo Winery is a pioneer in the world of organic winemaking. We've reimagined Prosecco production, breaking away from convention. Our Prosecco undergoes refermentation right inside the bottle, a technique far from the norm. But what truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to preserving the evidence – the sediments known as lees – right within the bottle.

The result? A Prosecco that's not only smoother but also more intriguing than your average Italian spumante. As you prepare to pour a glass of our "Shake Me" Prosecco, you'll embark on a sensory journey. Gently shake the bottle, and watch in wonder as the lees gracefully return to suspension in the wine. And that's not all; we've bid farewell to the traditional wire cage, replacing it with our distinctive string closure, making every bottle a guaranteed conversation starter at your next soirée. Interestingly, this method traces its origins to a time-honored Italian approach to crafting Prosecco, one that's ripe for a revival.

Unveiling the Craftsmanship of "Shake Me" Prosecco:

Our journey begins with the base wine, a vital component in crafting sparkling Prosecco. Like others, we subject it to dual fermentation. However, here's where we diverge from the standard. While the second fermentation typically occurs in a pressurized stainless-steel tank, ensuring the delightful bubbles you love, Corvezzo's "Shake Me" Prosecco embraces the Col fondo style. Here, the secondary fermentation unfolds gracefully within the bottle itself.

To qualify as Prosecco, the final pressure within the bottle must reach a minimum of 3 atmospheres, often resulting in a crystal-clear appearance achieved through meticulous filtration before bottling. However, our "Shake Me" Prosecco adheres to the Col fondo style, where the final bottle pressure remains below 2.5 atmospheres. Yet, because we choose not to disgorge the wine to eliminate yeast sediments, the lees remain within the bottle, imparting a charmingly hazy appearance and a unique character.

A Glimpse into Prosecco's Heritage:

Our Col fondo style Prosecco pays homage to a traditional method known as "Col fondo" or "with sediments at the bottom." In days gone by, our ancestors enriched the Glera base wine with sugar and yeast, maturing it in large glass demijohns during the winter months.

With the arrival of spring's warmth, the yeast would awaken, tirelessly converting sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide (CO2). The emergence of these CO2 bubbles signaled the perfect moment to bottle the fermenting wine. The bottles would then find their home in a dimly lit cellar, allowing the wine to complete its fermentation.

During this era, sourcing muselets (the wire cage securing the cork of sparkling wine) posed a challenge. Consequently, our forebears resorted to securing the cork with strings, preventing it from being pushed out during re-fermentation in the bottle.

At Corvezzo, we are passionate about preserving and popularizing this ancestral tradition. According to Giovanni Corvezzo, the owner of our winery, our "Shake Me" Prosecco is designed for those seeking innovation in the highly standardized Prosecco market. Even today, the string closure on our Prosecco is meticulously applied by hand. In an age dominated by consumerism, we take pride in crafting something with the same care and dedication as our grandparents did – a chance to rediscover an old tradition while having fun.

Purely Organic, Unquestionably Vegan:

Our commitment extends beyond innovation; it's rooted in ethical winemaking. Corvezzo's "Shake Me" Prosecco is exclusively crafted from certified organic Glera grapes, guaranteeing it as an organic wine cultivated without pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. Your peace of mind is our priority – what's absent in the vineyard will never find its way into your glass.

Furthermore, "Shake Me" Prosecco proudly bears the certification of a vegan wine. This means no animal-derived products, such as casein, albumin, gelatin, or isinglass, are utilized during the winemaking process. We extend a warm welcome to those who hold concerns about animal welfare, food allergies, or food intolerances.

A Lighter Touch:

Corvezzo's "Shake Me" Prosecco presents a lighter alternative for those who prefer a more delicate sip, boasting an alcohol content of merely 10.5% abv. Don't let the lower alcohol content deceive you; this wine bursts with zesty lime and lemon flavors, delivering a delightful smoothness and a mouthwatering allure, courtesy of those essential lees.

In summary, Corvezzo Winery's "Shake Me" Prosecco invites you to rekindle a slice of Prosecco's rich history while savoring its contemporary allure. With its uniquely charming presentation and delightful flavor profile, it stands as a testament to the timeless allure of sparkling wine. So, why not infuse some excitement into your next celebration or casual gathering with a bottle of this intriguing Prosecco? Cheers to tradition, innovation, and superb taste!

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