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2022 Sustainability Report

Presenting our results and the evolution of our company in 2022 through the sustainability report is a great opportunity.

It has been a year that has put us to the test: wars, world crises, tragic events and environmental changes are external

factors that cannot be controlled and the risk of falling and becoming discouraged is very high.

We have been experiencing very complex periods with continuous ups and downs for some years with events such as the

pandemic before and the post-Russia-Ukraine war today, all accompanied by the global energy crisis and the consequent

inflationary push, which have created ongoing economic and social uncertainty.

These are the moments where unity is strength! Where the ability to adapt and the values of the company and all the collaborators

have given their maximum expression. In 2022 we have understood and demonstrated precisely this: e give our

best even in difficult times! Believing in our corporate project, loving our work, living in harmony and knowing how to face

difficulties together has led us to always provide solutions and answers to everyone and has allowed us to continue to

grow and invest. Sustainability in 2022 can be summed up in two words: resist together!

I wish you a good read.

Giovanni Corvezzo

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